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Watch your Preschoolers grow, explore, develop and learn in The Creative Caterpillar Room!

Playing IS learning for preschoolers

Playing IS learning (and fun too!!)

We call our preschoolers room the Creative Caterpillar room. Preschoolers at Great Beginnings Learning Center have so many wonderful ways to express their new skills and curious, expanding minds!

Playing really IS learning for this age, and we know how to help encourage and develop your preschoolers educational foundation!


Preschool classrooms reflect the increasing independence of children and emphasize their social nature. Schedules still offer the flexibility that individual children may need, but are based on group involvement and activity.

6:30-8:30am — Greet families, free play
8:30-9:30am — Breakfast snack, hand washing, toileting, self-directed activities
9:30am-12:00pm — Toileting, developmental activities(small motor, gross motor /outside play, dramatic play, science, creative arts, math, language), group time
12:00-1:30pm — Hand washing, lunch, toileting
1:30-3:00pm — Naptime, indoor or outdoor activities as children awake from nap
3:00-4:00pm — Hand washing, afternoon snack, toileting, self-directed activities
4:00-6:00pm — Developmental activities, clean up, snack, departure

Story time is always popular at Great Beginnings Learning Center

Preschoolers love Story time!

What to Bring*

  • Extra clothes
  • Extra underwear in case of accidents
  • If your child is not potty trained yet, please consider bringing diaper wipes because the child can be cleaned better.
  • Child must have shoes (preferably not sandals)
  • Blanket, small pillow and/ or stuffed animal, if child wishes to have these
  • Sunscreen

*It is important for families to also check with their classroom teachers to get a complete list.

Positive Behavior Modification System


Children will have an individual owl on the class tree that has their name on it. At the beginning of each day the owls start out on the top branches of the tree (the green portion.)

If persistent negative behavior occurs the child’s owl will be moved* down the branches to the yellow portion, and eventually the red portion. Each child has the opportunity to move their owl back up to green through positive behavior.

*Movement of the Owl will be recorded on the child’s daily sheet.


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