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Join Us for Pre-K in The Cocoon Room!

Learning is fun at Great Beginnings Learning Center!

Learning is fun at Great Beginnings Learning Center!

Our Pre-K Program at Great Beginnings centers around the curriculum of Kindergarten.

Sight words, reading, spelling, promoting critical and cognitive thinking, science, math, and writing skills.

Creativity is stimulated through Music, Art, and Dramatic Play. Teamwork and Socialization with Others are highly promoted.


6:30-8:30am — Greet families, free play
8:30-9:30am — Breakfast snack, hand washing, toileting, self-directed activities
9:30am-12:00pm — Rug time, centers, outside or muscle room play
12:00-1:30pm — Hand washing, lunch, toileting
1:30-3:00pm — Naptime, indoor or outdoor activities as children awake from nap
3:00-4:00pm — Hand washing, afternoon snack, toileting, self-directed activities
4:00-6:00pm — Developmental activities, clean up, snack, departure

What to Bring

  • Extra clothes
  • Extra underwear in case of accidents
  • If your child is not potty trained yet, please consider bringing diaper wipes because the child can be cleaned better.
  • Child must have shoes (preferably not sandals)
  • Blanket, small pillow and/ or stuffed animal, if child wishes to have these
  • Sunscreen

Positive Behavior Modification System

How Am I Doing Today?

Green, Yellow, Red Cards.  At the beginning of each day the children will start out on green.  If persistent negative behavior occurs the child will be moved down* to the yellow portion and eventually the red portion. Each child has the opportunity to move back up to green through positive behavior.

*The movement will be recorded on the child’s daily sheet.


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