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Your baby will love being in The Busy Bee Room!

Gentle nurturing care for your baby at Great Beginnings Learning Center

Gentle nurturing care for your baby!

We call our Infant room the Busy Bee Room! With a low baby to caregiver ratio, Great Beginnings Learning Center helps your sweet baby thrive, learn, explore, and grow, with gentle, nurturing one-on-one care!


The schedule for the infant is to be used as a guide for the day.  Infant classroom schedules are responsive to the individual child’s needs.

As infants grow, their schedules also change. Routines such as diapering, eating, and napping occur throughout the day to meet each child’s needs.

6:30-8:30am — Greet families; feedings, nap; free play
8:30-9:30am — Breakfast for older infants, diaper changing, feeding
9:30am-11:15am — Developmental activities and experiences (Small motor, Music, Language, and Sensory), Gross motor play time, naps as needed
11:15am-12:15pm — Lunch for older infants, diaper changing, feeding, naps as needed
12:15-2:30pm — Naps as needed, free play, one-on-one time with primary caregiver
2:30-3:30pm — Snack for older infants, diaper changing, feeding
3:30-6:00pm — Gross Motor Play, developmental activities and experiences, diapering, clean-up, departure

We love babies at GBLC!

We love babies at GBLC!

What to bring*

  • Bottles, nipples, and bottle liner if needed (we will have a dishwasher to wash these as needed, so 3 would be plenty unless you would prefer to bring more). If you will have us prepare the formula for your child or you will bring breast milk in a bag or frozen, you can leave the bottles here and we will label everything with your child’s name.
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Extra clothes
  • Pacifier and / or comfort toy if needed
  • Blanket
  • Diaper ointment, if needed
  • Sunscreen
  • Formula, breast milk, baby food

*It is important for families to also check with their classroom teachers to get a complete list.

****Please Note: Infants cannot have anything in their bed besides a pacifier and a blanket****


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