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Napping and Resting

Great Beginnings Learn Center

Sleep is vitally important!

Naptime is an important part of a young child’s day. Young children need approximately 12 hours of sleep each day and typically at least one or two hours is gained through napping.

Sleep is a vital need, essential to a child’s health, immune function, normal growth and development. Sleep enhances emotional health; children who get enough sleep are less prone to behavioral concerns and moodiness. Sleep also enhances alertness, attention and cognitive processes such as memory.

Preschoolers at Great Beginnings Learn Center are provided with a two hour rest period, although not all children will sleep during this time. Children who do not sleep or may wake early will be provided with quiet activities on their cots or in another area of the room.

To make cots more comfortable, we encourage small pillows and blankets. Children are also welcome to bring small stuffed animals, dolls or other small comfort items. (Sorry, no parent napping area is available!!)